Events/Private Lessons

CCSwing may be hired for some community events and fundraisers that fit within our mission.  

Otherwise, as an organization, we do not directly offer private lessons to individuals or organizations outside our mission, but plenty of our teachers do.  

Fill out the form below to give us more information about what you're looking for and we can put you in touch with people who can help you out.

Things to note *please read through*:

  • Teachers are sent in pairs - for quality, clarity, and safety.

  • Though we’ll do our best, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have teachers available to fit your needs and schedule.

  • We do not offer choreography for weddings or flash mobs. What we teach is a social dance and is largely improvised. Additionally, we are not a choreographed performance group.

  • Our teachers will set their own prices, but here's what to expect (prices are for a pair of teachers, and does not include travel outside of the Milwaukee area).

    • Private, 1-2 people: $60-$80/hr

    • Semi-Private, 3-4 people: $70-$90/hr

    • Small Group, 5-10 people: $100-$120/hr

    • Large Group, 10+: $150+/hr

    • Wedding/Corporate event: $200+/hr

    • Non-profits/fundraisers: contact us for quotes

  • Expect that, depending on the teachers, there may be a 1 hour minimum price.

  • Travel outside of the greater Milwaukee area will be an additional charge.

  • For private/group lessons, plan to have studio rental charges as well, usually $30+/hr.

CCSwing will not give out your information without authorization from you.  If we are authorized to share your information -- it will be to a specific set of our instructors or a professional dance contact.  

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