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Monday Lessons! Lindy Hop 103 & Elective 201 - Mixing it up!

Here's what you need to know:
7:00-7:15 - Registration and Warmup
7:15-8:15 - Lindy Hop 103 Part 2 of 4 with BJ and Lyndsey (and guests!)

This series will pick up where Lindy 102 left off -- delving EVEN deeper into technique, musicality, and partner connection to improve your social dance skills and strengthen your Lindy foundation. Perfect to help you take the next steps in your dancing or for seasoned dancers to come back to to finesse their fundamentals. You’ll need to have taken Lindy 102/Level 1 Lindy or have an equivalent level of experience for this class.

8:15-8:30 - Registration, Warmup and Level Tests (as needed)
8:30-9:30 - Elective 201 - Mixing it up! Part 2 of 4 with Andrea and Darin

So you’re comfortable in Lindy AND 6- count, now what?  
It’s time to start mixing up styles and learning how to blend them seamlessly with other styles within a social dance. We'll also touch on partner connection, musicality and introduce some tougher material in later weeks. 

This is a 200 level class, so prior experience is required. You'll need to be very comfortable with the Lindy swingout and circle, 6-count, inside & outside turns, single and triple step 6 and 8 count footwork in both open and closed.

Mid-month drop ins and level qualifications will be assessed by the teachers and staff.

$25 for 4 class series, $30 for 5 class series -  $10 drop in (20% discount with valid student or military ID

Remember: No street shoes on the dance floor! Bring a water bottle, as the only water source is the bathroom sink. There is some AC in the building, but it's likely to get a little warm once you get moving -- bring a change of shirt or towel if you think you'll need it!